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I’d swim across Lake Michigan
I’d sell my shoes
I’d give my body to be back again

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"Animals do have a voice, if you ignore their suffering I will remind you of it. If you don’t understand them I will translate. If you don’t hear them, I will be their voice. You may silence them, but you cannot silence me as long as I live."
-Anita Mahdessian


Stairwell of a downtown parking garage in Eugene, OR


wander the unknown


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Sometimes I look at people and make myself try and feel them as more than just a random person walking by. I imagine how deeply they’ve fallen in love, or how much heartbreak they’ve all been through.
Her (2013)

All of a sudden,
I felt
inside of me

and wanted
to empty
it somewhere
before I was
totally consumed.

AND YET, THERE WAS NOWHERE TO GO | Lora Mathis (via lora-mathis)



He was a very private person, and sometimes it seemed to me that he was no longer interested in the world or in other people… I got the feeling that Julián was living in the past, locked in his memories. Julián lived within himself, for his books and inside them - a comfortable prison of his own design.

'You say this as if you envied him.'
‘There are worse prisons than words.’

Carlos Ruiz Zafón

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